Assignment 2 draft

Recently I found myself in the Atlanta Airport and found that much of my time

during travel was sedentary. I went from sitting for two hours on a plane to standing

still on a moving walk way to sitting on a train to standing still on a escalator, then

back to sitting on an airplane for another three hours. This felt very strange to me,

living on a college campus I spend a good portion of my day walking and biking, so

to be so inactive made me uncomfortable and frustrated. This type of sedentary

lifestyle accounts for much of the reason most of the United States is overweight or

obese according to the World Health Organization

( But what if the airport

was not another sedentary rest stop between two flights, but an active place. If the

escalators and moving walk ways were made smaller so that they just carried small

carry-on bags people would then have to walk through the airport and up the stairs.

Through a large airport like the Atlanta Airport, that could be a long walk burning




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