Manila, Philippines Comfort Zone

1. On this chart if the temperature is 80 degrees and the humidity is 40%, the dew point will be roughly 53 degrees.

2. If it is 90 degrees outside with a 60% humidity outside and a space inside was air conditioned to 68 degrees and 50% humidity, the humidity ratio would change .011.

3. If the dry bulb temperature is 78 degrees and the wt bulb temperature is 50 degrees, the relative humidity would be roughly 5%

4. Manila is a hot, humid climate which stays in a fairly consistent range during the year.

5. Because Manila on an island in the southern Pacific, this could account for the high humidity and heat during the year. 

6. January and February are the only two months in which the temperature falls within the comfort zone at 1%-2%.

7. The only passive design strategy that would work to bring the temperatures down to the comfort zone would be natural ventilation cooling, according to this chart. All other passive design techniques do not get into the right range, and those that do are not passive (e.i. dehumidification, or air conditioning) 

8. In Manila it is nearly impossible to achieve a high percentage of comfort year round with only passive design. The biggest challenge is that the temperature and humidity are constantly so high. 


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