Micro Climates of Campbell Hall


These diagrams depict microclimates around Campbell Hall.

The east entrance is by far the coolest of the three areas. It is most likely due to the amount of shade it gets from being sunken in the ground, and on the north side of the north addition. It also has a large thermal mass that traps the cold temperature and slowly releases it.

The South Patio was the hottest of the Three area. This was due to the minimal shade from being on the south side on the north addition. It also has surfaces that capture the heat from the sun like brick. 

The third floor garden was the area with the most comfortable temperature, It was not too hot or cold. It is on the south side of the building which allows for many hours of sunlight. Unlike the patio, the garden has trees which allow in light, but not too much to heat the space to an uncomfortable level. It also has gravel instead of concrete as the ground, so the thermal massing that captures cold that cools down the east entrance does not happen here. In the winter months when the trees lose their leaves, this will allow for more sunlight to reach this space making it warmer when needed. 

These three spaces all differ from each other but are spaces that during different times of year, or in different weather can be most suitable for inhabiting. during cooler months the south patio may be the most warm place to sit, whereas in the summer the east entrance may be the coolest place to escape the heat. 



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