Bus Stop

When looking at the bus stop location on Culbreth road, comfort level is manipulated by many factors. When looking at the summer months versus the winter months, to maintain a livable comfort zone within a space using only passive design techniques is possible for much of the year. Two psychometrics charts, one of the summer and one of the winter, show how these comfort levels can be attained through ventilation, wind protection, high thermal massing, and passive solar gain: ImageImage

Much of what the comfort level feels like is dependent on the amount of solar heat one feels and the amount of wind chill the site gets.



this chart shows the amount of sun that the site will get at a given time during the day and at what time of year. you can see that most of the sun that the site will receive is from the south, an any solar gain in the winter, and shading in the summer should be oriented that direction. 



During the summer months the wind that the site will want to utilize is the wind from the south, to cool off people waiting on a bus. 





During the winter months, winds from the north and from the south with effect the site and need to be dealt with. 


To account for these conditions I would propose a bus stop that would act differently in the different seasons. In the summer months, the building would shade  a bench from southern sun, have a thermal mass that would stay cool in the shade, and an vent in the roof to draw out hot air, and attempt to draw in the southern wind. During the winter, the sun would enter the building and heat up the thermal mass in the bench, the vent in the roof would be closed, trapping hot air inside, and finally the building would have curved sides as to deflect the cold northern and southern winds away from people inside. Image

Hopefully with these passive designs, the bus stop would be a comfortable space to wait throughout the year, without using any energy. 


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