Light Room Designs

The Charlottesville Airport CHO:

The Charlottesville airport sits high atop a hill and has direct sunlight all day, unlike many other buildings in Charlottesville. The light would be easier to alter and play with because of this. when looking at the site map of the airport, in the summer and the winter, the south face of the building would receive enough sun to similar environment all year round:



The Worship Room: 

For this room I wanted to create one figure of light that was non denominational. The walls would be concrete, to contrast to the one opening in the roof that would let in light. the light would be reflected into the hole with mirrors in the shape of a funnel above the roof. The circular hole would  be surrounded by a piece of light fabric or paper that would go to the ground and be a figure of light in the room. This beam of light cutting down through the dark room would symbolize the light at religion plays in the lives of so many.




The Practice Room:

The practice room for a woodwind quintet needs to have a constant warm light throughout the day. I curved two of the sides of my room to allow for a more constant ray of sun throughout the day. The panels would all be wood and would shade direct sunlight, but let in enough evenly that there  would constantly be light in the space. The walls would be a lighter color concrete, making the room feel warmer, but still having an open feel at the same time. 





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